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Your main __________ (những thành tựu) will be listed in your personnel file
All employees are asked to __________ (đóng góp) a few minutes of their spare time to clean up the office.
The director's __________ (sự tận tụy, tâm huyết) to a high-quality product has motivated many of his employees.
look forward to
We __________ (mong đợi) seeing you at the next meeting.
look to
The workers always __________ (dựa dẫm) him to settle their disagreements.
Even though your assistant is __________ (trung thành), you have to question his job performance.
Employees are evaluated on their __________ (sự xuất sắc, chất lượng cao) and not on seniority.
This is __________ (hiển nhiên) not the first time that the customer has had problems with this particular model of sander.
The researcher wasn't as __________ (có năng suất, có hiệu quả) when he first started working here.
Even though the sales associate had a good year, it wasn't possible to __________ (thăng chức cho) him.
The president's personal assistant was finally given the __________ (sự công nhận, sự thừa nhận) that she has deserved for many years.
Employees __________ (đánh giá) their colleagues' opinions.