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Salaries & Benefits-Lương và trợ cấp

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The manager didn't have any __________ (cơ sở, nền tảng) for firing the employee.
aware of
The new staff member wasn't __________ (nhận thức được) the company's position on working a second job.
Although the analyst earned a better salary at his new job, his __________ (phúc lợi, lợi ích) were better at his previous job.
The company will __________ (đền bù, bồi hoàn) employees for any travel expenses.
Senior management is handling these contract negotiations __________ (một cách khéo léo)
eligible for
Some employees may be __________ (đủ điều kiện cho/đủ khả năng cho) the tuition reimbursement plan.
We need to respond __________ (linh hoạt) if we want to keep customers in this competitive market.
You must know what you want and what you can accept when you __________ (đàm phán) a salary.
With his __________ (mức tăng lương), Mr. Drvoshanov was able to afford to buy a new car.
We need to __________ (tăng lên) the standard for timeliness
Many people would like to win the lottery and __________ (nghỉ hưu)
The day that Ms. Weng became fully __________ (được quyền, được phép) in the retirement plan, she gave her two weeks' notice.
Hourly __________ (tiền công, tiền lương) have increased by 20 percent over the last two years.