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Hiring & Training-Thuê mướn và đào tạo

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The trainees' __________ (cách ứng xử) during training was unacceptable.
The job fair at the college campus should __________ (tạo ra) interest in our company.
The new __________ (nhân viên) has integrated well with his colleagues.
keep up with
Employees are encouraged to take courses in order to __________ (bắt kịp, theo kịp) new developments.
look up to
Staff members __________ ( ngưỡng mộ, tôn trọng, kính nể) the director because he had earned their respect over the years.
The __________ (người cố vấn) helped her make some decisions about combining career and family.
on track
If we stay __________ (theo đúng lịch), the meeting should be finished at 9:30.
Set up
__________ (thiết lập, tạo dựng) a time and place for the meeting and then inform everyone who is involved.
The director's __________ (sự thành công) came after years of hiring the right people at the right time.
Our latest __________ (cập nhật) shows that business is down 15 percent.
The candidate __________ (đã từ chối) the offer the first time, but the second time she accepted it.
Even though you were __________ (được đào tạo) on a Macintosh, you'll have to learn how to use a PC.
The __________ (người huấn luyện) stayed after the meeting to answer any questions
Each new employee spends six weeks as a __________ (người được đào tạo)