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The designer's __________ (khả năng, năng lực) was obvious from her portfolio.
Everyone who is interested should __________ (nộp đơn ứng tuyển) in person at any branch office.
Your __________ (kinh nghiệm) in the publishing industry is a definite asset for this job.
be ready for
Thanks to her careful research, the applicant felt that she __________ (đã sẵn sàng) the interview with the director of the program.
called in
The human resources manager __________ (mời tới) all the qualified applicants for a second interview.
Good applicants show __________ (sự tự tin) during an interview,
The company is __________ (một cách liên tục) looking for highly trained employees.
Our department head is an __________ (chuyên gia) in financing.
follow up
Always __________ (kế tiếp) an interview with a thank-you note.
Marla was __________ (do dự, lưỡng lự) about negotiating a higher salary.
The human resources director will __________ (trình bày, giới thiệu) each candidate's resume to the department supervisor for review
Her hands trembled and she spoke __________ (một cách yếu ớt) at the interview.