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The computer analyst was glad to have chosen a field in which jobs were __________ (dồi dào)
The success of the company was based on its early __________ (những thành tựu)
brings together
Every year, the firm __________ (tập hợp) its top lawyers and its newest recruits for a training session.
The recruiter will interview all __________ (ứng cử viên) for the position.
come up with
In order for that small business to succeed, it needs to __________ (vạch ra, nghĩ ra) a new strategy.
commensurate with
Generally the first year's salary is __________ (tương ứng với) experience and education level.
It is difficult to make a decision when both candidates seem to be a perfect __________ (đặt, sắp sếp)
The recruiter told him that, unfortunately, he did not fit the job __________ (mô tả, tính chất)
The applicant had so many __________ (bằng cấp, khả năng chuyên môn) that the company created a new position for her.
When the consulting firm __________ (đã tuyển dụng) her, they offered to pay her relocation expenses.
__________ (nộp, gửi để xem xét) your resume to the human resources department.
Five interviews later, Ms. Lopez had the job, but it was the most __________ (tốn thời gian) process she had ever gone through.