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Unit 6. Time and work

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a stitch in time (saves nine)
used for saying that it is better to solve a problem now, rather than leave it until later when it may be more difficult to deal with
all in good time
used for telling someone to wait for sth and not try to make it hurry
at the drop f a hat
immediately or in a way that shows that you have no doubts about doing sth
before your time
used fr saying that sth happened or existed before you were born or before you lived or worked somewhere
for good
permanently, without the possibility of change in the future
for the time being
for now
from time to time
sometimes, but not often
in/for donkeys years
an extremely long time
in the nick of time
just in time to prevent bad happening
once in a blue moon
very rarely
on the spur of the moment
if you do sth _____, you do it suddenly and do not make time to planit or think carefully about it
the other day