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Unit 4. Change and technology

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a leopard can't change the spots
used for saying that someone will never change their behaviour od character
all mod cons
the machines and pieces of equipment in your house that make life easy and comfortable
break the mould
change a situation by doing sth that is very different from what most people usually do or have done in the past
change your tune
change your opinion or attitude
have a change of heart
change your opinion about sth or decide not to do sth you were planning to do
know sth inside out
be very familiar with
reinvent the wheel
waste time and effort trying to do sth that someone else has already done well
stick to your guns
refuse to change what you are saying or doing despite the opposition od criticism of other people
the tools of the trade
the skills and equipment that you need in order to do your job
turn over a new leaf
change your life by starting to be a better person or stopping a bad habit