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Unit 20. Power and social issues

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bury your head in the sand
ignore a problem or an unpleasant situation and that it will disappear
gain/take the upper hand
gave/take control or advantage over a person or situation
get/have your way
be allowed to have or do what you want
live and let live
used for saying that you should accept other people's beliefs and way of life, even if they are very different from your own
pull (a few) strings
use your influence in order to get sth you want or to help someone, especially when this is unfair
red tape
documents, rules or processes that cause delays
take the law into your own hands
punish someone in your own way without involving the police or the courts, often by doing sth illegal yourself
the powers that be
the people who control a situation
throw the book at sb
punish someone very severely
under sb's thumb
completely controlled by someone else