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Skeletal System

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Support, Protection, Movement, Storage, Blood cell formation
Five functions of bones
Spongy Bone
Small needlelike pieces of bone with lots of open spaces
Compact bone
Dense, looks smooth, and homogeneous
Shaft of the bone. Makes up most of the bones length and is a compact bone.
Covers and protects the diaphysis. Is a fibrous connective tissue membrane.
End of a long bone. Consists of a thin layer of compact bone enclosing an area filled with spongy bone.
Yellow marrow
Cavity of the shaft is primarily a storage area for fat tissue.
Red marrow
Confined to the cavities of spongy bones that produce red blood cells.
Freely movable
Shoulder and hip joints are examples of this type of joint
Slightly movable
Ribs and spine are examples of this type of joint
Skull would be an example of this type of joint
Ball and Socket
Hip and shoulder joints are example of this joint
Movement largely in one plane. Elbow would be an example of this joint.
Ring of bone rotates. Wrists would be an example of this joint.
Articulations slide on one another vertebrae would be an example of this joint.
Fibrous capsule
Encloses movable joints
Articular cartilage
Covers end of each bone
Synovial Fluid
Fills space between cartilage, lubricating fluid secreted by membrane lining capsule
Flat sacs filled with synovial fluid
Touch cords which attach muscles to bones
Strong band connective tissues which connects bones to bones.