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tìkangkemìri varmrrìn oe nìwotx
I was completely swamped at work
tìkxey ngaru
you’re wrong
tìomummì oeyä
to my knowledge
tìyawr ngaru
you’re right
tokx eo tokx
face to face, in person
tsalì’uri alu X, ral lu ’upe
what does X mean?
kind, that was kind of you to say
tsun miväkxu hìkrr srak
may I interrupt a moment?
tsun nga law sivi nì’it srak
could you make that a bit clearer?, could you explain that further?
txo ke nìyo’ tsakrr nìyol
“If you can’t be flawless, at least be brief" (Na'vi proverb)