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srake smon ngar oeyä meylan alu Entu sì Kamun
do you know my friends Entu and Kamun?
srefereiey nìprrte’
looking forward to it
sre fwa sngap zize’
''before the hellwasp stings'' as quickly as possible (Na'vi idiom)
stum ke
almost not (use instead of hardly, barely, or scarcely.)
taronyut yom smarìl
“the prey eats the hunter”, a totally botched situation, chaos (Na'vi idiom)
tì’efumì oeyä
in my opinion
tì’i’avay krrä
forever, until the end of time
tì’o’ìri peu sunu ngar frato
what is your favorite (favourite) way to have fun?
tìk’ìnìri kempe si nga
what do you do in your free time?