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nìlun ayioi a’eoio ayeyktanä lu lor frato
Of course the ceremonial wardrobes of the leaders are the most beautiful
gladly, I did it with pleasure
oe ’olongokx mì sray a txampayìri sim, slä set kelku si mì Helutral
I was born in a town near the ocean, but I now live in Hometree
oe irayo si ngaru
I give thanks to you, thank you
oel ngati kameie
I see you, hello (familiar)
oeri solalew zìsìt apxevol
I am 24 years old
oeru meuia
an honor to me, it was an honor
oeru teya si
fills me with satisfaction, joy
oeru txoa livu
please forgive me, may forgiveness be to me
oe tskxekeng si säsulìnur alu tsko swizaw
I practice my hobby, which is archery