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'awa swawtsyìp
hold a bit, just a tiny moment
'efu ohakx
be hungry
'ivong nìk'ong
slow is fine
'ìn nga fyape nìfkrr
what have been keeping you busy lately?
aytele a ngeyä hapxìmì kifkeyä lu fyape?
how are things in your part of the world?
ätxäle palulukanur
it's a foregone conclusion (Na'vi proverb)
fìpor syaw fko Ìstaw
this is Ìstaw
ftia oel lì’fyati leNa’vi nì’o’ nìwotx
studying Na’vi is a ton of fun for me!
fnu, ma ’evi. Sa’nur leru hawtsyìp. Tsivurokx ko.
Quiet, young one. Mommy is taking anap. Let her rest.