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only child
a child with no brothers or sisters.
single parent
a mother or father who looks after their children alone.
foster parent
sb who looks after another person's child in their home for a time.
adopt a child
take sb's child into your family and legally make them your child.
get divorced
legally end your marriage.
support sb
help someone live by giving them money,food,or a home.
bring sb up
look after a child and teach them how to live.
a man who has married your mother but is not your father.
half-brother , half-sister
a brother or sister who has either the same mother or the same father as you.
be related to sb
adj. be in the same family as sb.
a person who is in a group such as a family or a club.
relating to a king or queen.
N. a person in your family who lived a long time ago.
N. a person who comes to a foreign country to live there.
emigrate from...to...
leave your country in order to live in another
adj. happening or existing before something or someone else:
N. [C, + sing/pl verb] all the people of about the same age within a society or within a particular family:
adv. first of all:
look like sb
have the same appearance as sb.
take after sb
be like an older member of your family.