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a ​time when ​people ​vote in ​order to ​choose someone for a ​political or ​official ​job:
to ​decide on or ​choose, ​especially to ​choose a ​person for a ​particular ​job, by ​voting:
hold sth
organize an event such as an election.
one of the ​official ​areas of a ​country that ​elects someone to ​represent it in a ​parliament or ​legislature:
vote for sb/sth
choose sb/sth in an election.
[T] to ​speak, ​act, or be ​present ​officially for another ​person or ​people:
political party
[C, + sing/pl verb] an ​organization of ​people with ​particular ​political ​beliefs that ​competes in ​elections to ​try to ​win ​positions in ​local or ​national ​government
a ​member of a ​government or law-making ​organization:
in some countries, a group of people who make the laws for the country:
consist of sth
to be made of or ​formed from something:
[S] the ​larger ​number or ​part of something: 2.[C] in an ​election, the ​difference in the ​number of ​votes between the ​winning ​person or ​group and the one that comes second:
[S] a ​smaller ​number or ​part: OPP majority
[C, + sing/pl verb] (written abbreviation govt) the ​group of ​people who ​officially ​control a ​country:
prime minister
the ​leader of the ​government in some ​countries
to make something ​known or ​tell ​people about something ​officially:
something that you ​plan to do or ​achieve: SYN aim,goal
something that is very ​important and must be ​dealt with before other things:
focus (sth) on sb/sth
to give a lot of ​attention to one ​particular ​person, ​subject, or thing
focus (of/ on)
the ​main or ​central ​point of something, ​especially of ​attention or ​interest:
policy (on)
a plan to do sth , agreed by a government , company ,etc .
persuade (sb to do sth)
to make someone do or ​believe something by giving them a good ​reason to do it or by ​talking to that ​person and making them ​believe it:
face (sth)
have to deal with a difficult , رو به رو شدن / تن در دادن
launch (sth)
start sth new, especially a campaign or product.
a series of organized activities or events intended to achieve a result:
to disagree with a plan or activity and to try to change or stop it
opposition /the Opposition
[+ sing/pl verb] political parties that are not in power