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describe travel problems and accidents

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trouble (doing sth / with sth)
problems, difficulties, or worries:
get/be held up
if you get ...or are ... ,sth has caused you to be late. SYN be delayed
be delayed
get/be held up
day return
a ticket that can only be used for travelling to a place and back to where you started in a single day:
[never before noun] expected or planned:
get in
arrive (usually of a train or coach)
be meant to do sth
if sb( is or was) ... they have been asked to do it.
pick sb/sth up
go to a place and collect sb/sth (usually in a car )
turn up
arrive or appear (often used in the negative).
a journey in which you visit a place for a short time and come back again:
for or during the night:
to pay money in order to use something for a short time: