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talk about cars and driving

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the metal cover of a car's engine
windscreen wiper
one of two long, metal and rubber parts that move against a windscreen to remove rain
a closed space at the back of a car for storing things in
a thick, round piece of rubber filled with air, that fits around a wheel:
wing mirror
a small mirror on the side of a car or truck
number plate
an official metal sign with numbers and letters on the front and back of a car
one of the two large lights on the front of a car
the part of a vehicle that uses energy from oil, electricity, or steam to make it move:
a piece of equipment in a vehicle that shows how fast it is moving
the part of a car that starts the engine:
rear-view mirror
a small mirror inside a car which the driver looks in to see what is happening behind the car
gearstick / gear lever
a stick with a handle that you move to change gear in a vehicle
the part of a car that you push with your foot to make it go faster
the part of a vehicle that makes it stop or go more slowly
the part of a car or truck that you press with your foot when you change gear (= part that controls how fast the wheels turn)
ready to deal with a situation:
to start to drive faster
suddenly move sideways without control.
watch out
be careful because there is a possible danger.
overtake (sb/sth)
go past sb/sth that is going more slowly.
to drive a vehicle backwards:
rather than
instead of ; in place of
a light that flashes on a vehicle to show that the driver intends to turn right or left
rear light
either of the two red lights on the back of a vehicle
to stop holding someone or something:
thoughtful about others
FORMAL drunk 2. very excited or enthusiastic about someone or something
1. not drunk
fender bender
a road accident in which the vehicles involved are only slightly damaged
bumper to bumper
with so many cars that are so close that they are almost touching each other: