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talk about diets and cooking

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a waste of time
a bad use of your time
good for you
SYN healthy
keep sth up
continue doing sth
put on weight
become heavier and fatter / gain weight
lose weight
opp put on weight
junk food
food wich is not good for you
plenty of sth
as much of sth as you need.
fizzy drink
a drink containing small bubbles of gas.
a small amount of food us.ually eaten between meals
making you fatter.
cut down on sth
have less of sth
physical activity that keeps you healthy.
balanced diet
all the right food the body needs
a list of foods and a set of instructions telling you how to cook something:
the food items you need to have to make sth to eat
water with added flavour of meat,fish,or vegetables.
a deep, metal pan, usually with a long handle and a lid, that is used to cook food in
1. to let yourself do or have something that you enjoy but that may be bad for you: 2.to let someone do or have anything they want:
to put vegetables or similar foods into boiling water for a few minutes to make them white, remove the skins, get rid of strong flavours, or prepare them for freezing:
a mixture of oil, wine, herbs etc that you put food in before you cook it, to give it a pleasant flavour
a person who regularly eats and drinks more than is needed
eating and drinking more than you need