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Types of Sentences

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Simple Sentence
an independent clause with subject(s) and verb(s).
Compound Sentence
two independent clauses linked with a comma and coordinating conjunction (and, or, for, nor, but, yet, so) or a semi-colon.
Complex Sentence
an independent clause and a dependent clause introduced by a subordinating conjunction.
Imperative Sentence
that which issues a command.
Interrogative Sentence
that which asks a question.
Declarative Sentence
that which makes a statement.
Exclamatory Sentence
that which suggests great emotion or emphasis.
Cumulative Sentence
A sentence that begins with a standard sentence pattern (main clause) and adds multiple details after it. (Think that the details accumulate.)
Periodic Sentence
A sentence that begins with multiple details and ends with a standard sentence pattern or main clause. (Think: now that's the end, period.)
Inverted Sentence
A sentence in which the usual syntax is reversed so that the verb comes before the subject.