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estaré escribiendo
I will be writing
estaré cumpliendo
I will be fulfilling
estaré usando
I will be using
estaré poniendo
I will be putting (p)
estaré borrando
I will be erasing
estarás poniendo
you (tú) will be putting (p)
estarás cantando
you (tú) will be singing
estarás volviendo
you (tú) will be returning
estarás abriendo
you (tú) will be opening
estarás recibiendo
you (tú) will be receiving
estará trayendo
he will be bringing
estará esperando
she will be hoping
estará entrando
he/she will be entering
estará cocinando
you (usted) will be cooking
estará metiendo
you (usted) will be putting (m)
estaremos mirando
we will be watching (looking at)
estaremos cerrando
we will be closing
estaremos leyendo
we will be reading
estaremos escribiendo
we will be writing
estaremos abriendo
we will be opening
estarán leyendo
they will be reading
estarán cerrando
you (Uds) will be closing
estarán firmando
you (Uds) will be signing
estarán produciendo
they will be producing
estarán conociendo
they will be knowing (c)