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estuve trabajando
I was working
estuve leyendo
I was reading
estuve pintando
I was painting
estuve rompiendo
I was breaking
estuve escondiendo
I was hiding
estuviste pintando
you (tú) were painting
estuviste quedando
you (tú) were staying
estuviste levantando
you (tú) were lifting
estuviste terminando
you (tú) were ending (t)
estuviste asistiendo
you (tú) were attending
estuvo terminando
he was ending
estuvo rompiendo
it was breaking
estuvo dibujando
he was drawing
estuvo aprendiendo
he/she was learning
estuvo asistiendo
he/she was attending
estuvimos teniendo
we were having
estuvimos leyendo
we were reading
estuvimos necesitando
we were needing
estuvimos mejorando
we were improving
estuvimos saliendo
we were leaving (going out)
estuvieron saliendo
they were leaving (going out)
estuvieron teniendo
they were having
estuvieron rompiendo
they were breaking
estuvieron cocinando
you (Uds) were cooking
estuvieron levantando
you (Uds) were lifting