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boom (v)
to roar; to make loud deep sound; to utter something loudly; to experience significant increase in trade; to soar
indigenous (adj)
native; original; aboriginal; homegrown; local; belonging to a place; natural or inborn
merely (adv)
only; simply, purely; no more than as described, or doing no more than what is described
prevail (v)
predominate; to prove to be stronger or effective; to win through; to remain in general use or effect
trek (v)
walk; hike; ramble; to make a long difficult journey, especially on foot and often over rough or mountainous terrain; to go slowly or laboriously;
craft (n)
1-skill; dexterity; expertise; skillful making of objects; trade; profession; 2- vessel; vehicle; 3- deceit; slyness
terrace (n)
a promenade or portico, usually with columns or a balustrade along the sides; a strip of agricultural land on hillside; a flat area beside a bulding
undermine (v)
to diminish or weaken something gradually by removing or wearing away material from its base or from beneath it; chip away at; challenge
invigorate (v)
to fill somebody or something with energy or life; refresh; revitalize; stimulate; enliven; energize; animate; rejuvenate; strengthen
pane (n)
a glazed section of a window or door; a piece of plate glass in a window; a distinct section of a surface
shatter (v)
to smash or suddenly break something into pieces; to destroy hope or belief; to shock someone; bust; splinter; destroy
minute (adj)
extremely small in size or scope; insignificant; miniature; tiny; detailed; thorough
tip (n)
a narrow or pointed end of an object; a piece attached to the end of something else; an act of tipping or knocking something; a gift or money for a service
iceberg (n)
ice floe; icecap; a mass of floating ice; somebody regarded as unemotional or unfriendly (cool manner);
shard (n)
a sharp broken piece of glass or metal; an animal's scale or shell; a beetle's outer wing
panel (n)
a flat rectangular piece of hard material; strip of fabric in garment; wooden surface for painting
bolt (n)
a sliding bar for fastening doors; a short screw, often used with a nut; bar; pin; rod; screw
jet (n)
a thin concentrated, pressurized stream of liquid, air, or gas; a small nozzle or opening for letting out a stream; spurt; spout; fountain
tensile (adj)
relating to or involving tension; capable of being stretched or pulled out of shape; ductile; stretchy; stretchable
alloy (n)
a substance that is a mixture of metals; debasing addition; blend; compound; adulterant; contaminant
primed (adj)
aware; well-informed; ready; prepared; in position
coiled (adj)
wound; looped; twisted; helical; spiral; convoluted
revert (v)
to return to a former state; to return to an earlier topic in the course of a discussion; to return to a former pattern of behavior, usually something less acceptable
elapse (v)
to pass or go by, especially in a gradual, slow, or imperceptible way
unleash (v)
to allow something to have its full effect; to set a person or animal free from a leash or confinement; set free; allow to run free
storey (n)
story: a floor or level in a building; a set of rooms, or space, on a particular floor of a building
cradle (n)
a small bed for a baby, with rockers and enclosing sides; starting place; support; framework
cladding (n)
a layer of stone, tiles, or wood covering a building to protect it or improve its insulation or appearance; a protective metal coating bonded onto another metal