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pilot (adj)
experimental; trial; model; initial
stringent (adj)
severe; strict; rigorous; harsh; inflexible
sensory (adj)
relating to sensation and the sense organs; sensual; carnal; bodily
handicap (n)
hindrance; difficulty; drawback; a balanced contest; an advantage or disadvantage given to a competitor in such a contest
markedly (adv)
significantly; decidedly; evidently; distinctly; noticeably; obviously
erode (v)
to wear away outer layers of rock or soil; to diminish or destroy something or to be diminished gradually; wear away; wear down; corrode; eat away
silt (n)
deposit; mud; sediment; sludge; a fine-grained sediment, especially of mud or clay particles at the bottom of a river or lake
accumulate (v)
to collect or obtain a large amount of something over a period of time; to gather, grow, or increase over a period of time; mount up; accrue; amass
replenish (v)
to restock depleted items or material; to fill somebody or something with needed energy or nourishment; replace, refill, stock up, restock
scour (v)
to scrub; to clean or brighten something by rubbing; to remove something by rubbing; to remove dirt or impurities from something by washing
lagoon (n)
a coastal body of shallow water formed where low-lying rock, sand, or coral presents a partial barrier to the open sea; a shallow body of water created by an industrial or waste site
laden (adj)
carrying a heavy load; weighed down by a problem or an unpleasant feeling such as doubt or unhappiness; burdened; overloaded
desalinate (v)
to remove the salt from something; opposite to salinize; purify; desalt; refine; sweeten
dispense (v)
to distribute; to give a service or advice to several recipients; to give out; to hand out