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empirical (adj)
based on observation and experiment; experiential; experimental; observed; pragmatic; practical
perversely (adv)
irrationally; disobediently; abnormally; unreasonably; obstinately; willfully
distinction (n)
difference; excellence in quality or talent; distinguishing feature; discrepancy
cipher (n)
a written code in which the letters of a text are replaced with others according to a system; code; secret message; symbols; cryptograph
obscure (adj)
unclear; vague; ambiguous; doubtful; hard to understand; indistinct; unimportant or unknown; known to few people
deposit (v)
pay in; credit; put; leave; accumulate; lay down
cling (v)
hold onto somebody or something tightly; adhere to something; retain ideas or customs
hypothetical (adj)
involving ideas or possibilities; assumed for sake of argument; theoretical; imaginary; supposed
possess (v)
to have or own something; have knowledge of something; take control of somebody
foster (v)
to nurture a child and provide it with care and upbringing; to develop something; to keep a feeling or thought alive
monograph (n)
a scholarly article, paper, or book on a single topic
curator (n)
the administrative head of a museum, gallery, or other collection; exhibition organizer; warden; custodian; keeper; steward
transaction (n)
instance of doing business; act of negotiating; interaction
inaugurate (v)
to install somebody in office with a formal ceremony; open something ceremonially; put something into operation; initiate; invest; install; launch
lexical (adj)
of words; verbal; relating to a lexicon or to lexicography
equity (n)
fairness; justice tempered by ethics; modification of common law
pony (n)
any breed of small horse; polo horse; a small glass or bottle
suppress (v)
to put an end to something; to prevent something from happening, operating, or appearing; stop spread or publication
curiosity (n)
inquisitiveness; oddity; desire to know something; tendency to pry or snoop;
peer (n)
a lord, aristocrat or noble person; colleague; a person of equal standing with another
predicate (v)
to base an opinion, an action, or a result on something; to establish or found; to state or assert something; to imply or suggest something