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fairground (n)
place where fair is held; carnival; exhibition; bazaar; exposition
tickle (v)
make somebody laugh and twitch; cause itchiness; feel itchy
flag (v)
to become weak, tired, or less attentive; to hang down limply
circuit (n)
a circular path; an area that lies inside a circular route; regular trip around an area
cortex (n)
outer layer of body part; the tissue in plant stems and roots; cortical (adj)
lobe (n)
a rounded part that projects from the main body of something; section
spring (v)
move suddenly in single movement; leap over something; rapidly resume original position; emerge rapidly; to be uttered, especially as a sudden and almost involuntary reaction to something
demanding (adj)
requiring a lot of time, attention, energy, or resources; difficult; challenging; insistent
apparatus (n)
device; gadget; equipment; system; mechanism; machinery
snap (adj)
sudden; spur-of-the-moment; impulsive; spontaneous
shudder (v)
to vibrate suddenly; to shake or tremble uncontrollably from a reaction such as cold, fear, or disgust
distort (v)
to bend, twist, stretch, or force something out of its usual or natural shape; to describe or report something in an inaccurate or misleading way; misrepresent; deform; disfigure
dominate (v)
to control; be prominant; be infeluential; rule; lead; overlook; overshadow
intellectual (adj)
relating to thought process; intelligent and knowledgeable; intended for, appealing to, or done by intelligent people
emergent (adj)
appearing, arising, occurring, or developing, especially for the first time
compass (n)
a device for finding directions, usually with a magnetized needle that automatically swings to magnetic north
cartography (n)
mapmaking; the science, skill, or work of making maps
enthusiasm (n)
passionate interest in or eagerness to do something; something that arouses a consuming interest