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luxury (n)
great comfort; nonessential item; lavishness
strike (v)
to hit somebody or something; to deliver blow (hard hit); collide with or attack somebody or something; stop working as protest
punchline (n)
the funny ending of a joke or story
pedigree (n)
the line and list of ancestors; family tree
delight (v)
to give joy to somebody; to derive joy from something
superiority (n)
advantage; dominance; arrogance; haughtiness
tension (n)
worry; nervousness; tightness; stiffness; conflict; ill feeling
puncture (v)
to make or get hole; to ruin somebody's confidence; pierce; stab; perforate
ludicrousness (n)
absurdity; ridiculousness; unreasonableness; foolishness
incongruity (n)
incongruousness; something out of place; oddness; strangeness
leap (v)
to jump forcefully; to move as if by jumping; abruptly switch to something
semantic (adj)
relating to word meanings; relating to truth; phrasal; linguistic
appeasement (n)
pacification of potentially hostile nation; an attempt to stop complaints; conciliation
squeak (n, v)
a high-pitched cry; make high-pitched sound; say something shrilly
scuffle (n)
brawl; fray; a confused and disorderly fight or struggle between people at close quarters, usually one regarded as minor and not resulting in serious harm
nasty (adj)
spiteful; repugnant; unpleasant; badly serious; offensive; difficult
accompany (v)
to escort; to go with; to go together with; to convey, to be an adjunct to; to complement; to be associated with
pant (v)
to take short fast shallow breaths; to say something breathlessly; to have a strong desire for something or somebody; to pulsate quickly
cognitive (adj)
concerned with acquisition of knowledge; relating to thought
mutate (v)
change; alter; transform; transmute
trigger (v)
make something happen; fire weapon by pulling trigger; set something in motion