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minä en ostanut
I did not buy
sinä et ostanut
you did not buy
hän ei ostanut
he did not buy
me emme ostaneet
we did not buy
te ette ostaneet
you (plural) did not buy
he eivät ostaneet
they did not buy
minä en kysynyt
I did not ask
minä en ollut
I was not
he eivät olleet
they were not
minä en tavannut
I did not meet
me emme tavanneet
we did not meet
minä en päässyt
I did not get
he eivät päässeet
they did not get
minä en mennyt
I did not go
he eivät menneet
they did not go
minä en tarvinnut
I did not need
me emme tarvinneet
we did not need
minä en tullut
I did not come
he eivät tulleet
they did not come