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der Koch; -"e
the male cook
das Material; -ien
the material (not 'Stoff' or ...) (M)
der Juli
the July (no plural)
die Behandlung; -en
the treatment, dealing, handling (not 'Bearbeitung') (B)
der April
the April (no plural)
devoted, loyal (e)
die Neigung; -en
the tendency, tilt, inclination (angle) (N)
immensely, tremendously, profoundly ('u_')
der Unterricht
the lesson (not Lektion) (no plural)
der Verlust; -e
the loss
der Regisseur; -e
the film director
der Stress
the stress (no plural)
to color
das Konto; -en
the account (finance)
to admit, concede, confesss agree (not zulassen) (z)