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das Ohr; -en
the ear
der Berg; -e
the mountain
die Rose; -n
the rose
die Erinnerung; -en
the memory, reminder (E)
normally (5 syllables)
to relinquish, surrender, give up (on sth) forsake, quit
der Ton; -"e
the tone, the sound, the note
das Gebiet; -e
the area, territory, region (not Gegend, Region) (G)
der Westen
the west (no plural)
der Zweifel; -
the doubt (no plural)
der Staat; -en
the state
to steal
each other, one another
to notice, to realise, to remember (not bemerken, beachten) (m)
der Direktor; -en
the director (not Regisseur, Dirigent, Leiter, Regie)