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die Post; -en
the mail, post (BR), post office
der Schaden; -"
the damage (S)
der Tanz; -"e
the dance
der Urlaub; -e
the vacation (for working people)
thick, fat
die Gelegenheit; -en
the opportunity (not Chance, Möglichkeit) (G)
die Folge; -n
the consequence ('Konsequenz' or ...) (F)
to find out, spot (discover), learn, ascertain
die Verantwortung; -en
the responsibility (not '...keit') (V)
das Thema; die Themen
the topic, theme
quiet, quietly (l)
der Keller; -
the cellar, the basement
to fail (machines, computers), malfunction, break down, deny (v)
die Erfahrung; -en
the experience (not 'Erlebnis')
to last, to take/require (time) continue on