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am Ende
at the end
die Aktie; -n
the share; the stock (finance)
besser als
better than
der Fingerabdruck; -"e
the fingerprint
nicht mehr
no longer, not anymore
to undertake, endeavor (not 'unternehmen') ('u_')
to confuse (one person/thing with another), to mix up (confuse)
die Zuständigkeit; -en
the responsibility, jurisdiction ('Z_')
das Unterfangen; -
the effort, endeavor, venture ('U_')
to sell out
die Ausstattung; -en
equipment, furnishings
der Anspruch; -"e
the claim (legal), entitlement, demand ('A_')
on the basis of, due to, by virtue of, because of, owing to (one word) ('au_')
sowohl ... als auch
both ... and
regarding (not 'betreffend') ('b_')