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grenzen an
to border on (+ acc.)
die Betrachtung; -en
the consideration, contemplation, reflection, observation (not 'überlegung')
in der Tat
as a matter of fact, indeed, actually ('i_') (3 part phrase)
die herkunft; -"e
the origin, derivation, descent, source, anscestry
an bord
on board
hin und zurück
there and back
to silence, to be silent, to keep quiet
die Überraschung; -en
the suprise, astonishment
Wie heißen Sie?
What is your name? (3 words) (polite) (W)
der Studiengang; -"e
the major (in college), course of study (not 'Hauptfach')
die Existenz; -en
the existence (not Sein(philosophical), Subsistenz(economical)) (E)
Kein Problem!
No problem!
der Zauber; -
the magic, spell, enchantment (not 'Magie,' 'Zauberei')
der Deal; -s
deal, bargain