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sich freuen
to be pleased, to be glad, to be delighted
to concern (sb/sth), to affect (sb/sth) ('b_')
overhead, across, over it, about it, about that
der Bestandteil; -e
the component, ingredient, constituent, feature, element
die Besprechung; -en
the meeting, review, conference, talk ('B_')
die Haftung; -en
the liability, responsibility, accountability, adhesion (tech)
der Missbrauch; -"e
the abuse, misuse, malpractice
sich über etwas ärgern
to get irritated/angry about sth (4 parts)
to comply with (sth), to follow (sb) (come after them)
Er wird Koch.
He's going to become a cook.
überhaupt nicht
not at all, not a bit, not in any way (2 words) ('ü_')
Wie sagt man das?
How does one say that?
yet, heretofore, thus far, up to this point (not bislang), ('b_')
die kenntnis; -se
the knowing, knowledge, acquaintance, congnizance