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die Rubrik; -en
the column, category, heading, rubric, section (newspaper)
zu Hause sein
to be at home
to miss (feel the need of something)
sich lösen von
to break away from, to break free of (a bad habit) to part with (3 word phrase with reflexive)
der Wert; -e
the worth, value, merit
Bestand haben
to last, to be durable, to endure, to have staying power ('B_')
der Fahrkartenschalter; -
the ticket office, ticket window, booking office (bus, plane, travel)
der Betrug; -
the deceit, deception, fraud, cheating
die Vereinigten Staaten
the United States (plural only)
Gute Nacht!
Good night!
das Lehrbuch; -"er
the textbook, schoolbook ('Fachbuch' or ...)
nonsense! ('Q_')
zum Frühstück
for breakfast, at breakfast
weder ... noch ...
neither ... nor ...