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der Tipp; -s
hint, tip, clue, pointer (T_)
sich duschen
to take a shower
thus, so, hence, according to this ('d_')
das Verhalten; -
the behavior, conduct, demeanor
eine Stunde lang
one hour long
die Gemeinsamkeit; -en
the commonality, common feature, common ground ('G_')
um die Wette laufen
to run a race (idiom)
die Platzreservierung; -en
the seat reservation
die Hinfahrt; -en
the journey there, the trip toward a specific destination
at the front
die Realschule; -n
the secondary school ('R_')
die Beute; - kein plural oder n
the prey, booty, loot, quarry, box (for beekeeping)
to drop down, fall down ('herunterfallen' or ... 'hi'_)
der Henkel; -
the handle (of a cup, pitcher, etc.), handhold (not 'Griff')