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gut aussehend
good looking, attractive, handsome 2 parts ('g_')
die Hecke schneiden
to clip/cut the hedge(s)
das Öl; -e
the oil
im Voraus
beforehand, in advance, up front (i_) (2 part phrase)
der Klimawandel
climate change
Hunger haben
to be hungry
Es donnert.
It's thundering.
der Mittelklassewagen; -
the mid-sized car
das Unternehmen; -
company, enterprise, corporation, business, firm
reluctantly, begrudgingly, unwillingly (not "unwillig', 'widerwillig')
broke, bankrupt, penniless (adj)
bei Nacht
at night, by night ('nachts' or ...)
Es macht mir Spaß.
It's fun to me. It's fun ('es_')
der Schädel
skull, cranium