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Darn it!, dang! shoot! blimey, bloody
der Blitz
the lightning
der Wohnungsbau; -
the housing construction, residential construction, appartment construction
der Hausschuh; -e
the house shoe, bedroom slipper, slipper
die Rockgruppe; -n
the rock group
einundzwanzig werden
to become twenty-one
sich langweilen
to be bored
die Gießkanne; -n
the watering can
fallen lassen
to drop, let fall
to collide (2 objects) clash, run into, bump into, encounter sb/sth
der Familienname; -ns; -n
the surname, last name, family name
justified, founded, established
um ... zu ...
in order to ...
der Wohnraum
living space, living room, living area
to cuddle