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das Alltagsleben; -
the everyday life
die Sandburg; -en
the sandcastle
der Schnellimbiss; -e
the snack bar, fast food restaurant
bare, nude, naked, stripped
die Maßnahme; -n
the measure (means, method), sanction, scheme
die Spülmaschine; -n
the dishwasher ('S_')
die Ungleichheit; -en
the inequality ('U_')
slight, minor, slightly, small, scant
der Immigrant; -en; -en
the immigrant ('I_')
die Verwandtschaft; -en
the relatives, relationship, kinship, affiliation
die Weihnachtsferien
the Christmas vacation (plural only)
die Jugendherberge; -n
the youth hostel
entire, overall, comprehensive, whole, total
der Kommilitone; -n; -n
the classmate (in College or University) ('K_')