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das Telefongespräch; -e
the telephone conversation
die Utopie; -n
the utopia
der Schuhmacher; -
the shoemaker
die Niederlande
the Netherlands (plural only)
deficient, flawed, insufficient, inadequate
low maintenance, wash-n-wear, easy to care for (p)
to belch, burp, catch sb's attention, push sth open (a door) (not rülpsen)
das Kriterium; die Kriterien
the criterion
die Slowakei
the Slovakia (no plural)
der Hausmann; -"er
the househusband
to make music
der Heizkörper; -
the radiator, heater, heating element, heating apparatus
well-tried, proven, tried and true, reliable, experienced
der Notfall; -"e
the emergency, case of emergency