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der Misserfolg; -e
failure, fiasco, flop ('M_')
die Wiedervereinigung
the reunification, reintegration, reunion, (German) reunification, reunification of Europe (no plural)
die Bundesregierung; -en
the federal government (B)
to clear, clear away, put away, stow away (not 'a...') (w)
to connect, turn on, power on, switch on (not einschalten, anschließen) (a)
die Sonnencreme; -s
the suntan lotion
der Schaukelstuhl; -"e
the rocking chair
to rattle, clash, clatter
to issue, release (publish), publish, edit, surrender(legally)
die Kaffeemaschine; -n
the coffee machine, coffee maker
die Kunstgalerie; -n
the art gallery (not 'G...')
traditional, traditionally ('t_')
to vaccinate, inject
der Rückspiegel; -
the rear-view mirror (in a car) (no plural)
das Bußgeld; -er
the fine, penalty (not Geldstrafe) ('B_')