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der Zusatz; -"e
the addendum, augmentation, supplement, addition (Z)
der Sicherheitsgurt; -e
the seatbelt, safety belt, safety harness
der Käsekuchen; -
the cheesecake (no plural)
die Pfote; -n
the paw
die Allee; -n
the avenue, boulevard
der Holocaust
the holocaust (no plural)
das Parkett; -e
the parquet flooring (no plural): a type of cross-woodboard pattern
die Sozialhilfe
the welfare, social assistance (no plural)
imminent, impending, approaching, upcoming, coming
to swap, barter, exchange ('t_')
das Müsli
the muesli (cold, whole grain cereal with nuts and fruit, usually served with milk) (no plural)
die Tapete; -n
the wallpaper
die Schwierigkeit; -en
the difficulty
sticky, tacky, gooey