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das Gasthaus; -"er
the inn, hotel, tavern (not Gasthof) (G)
die Tomate; -n
the tomato
to camp, to go camping (not zelten, lagern, campieren)
valid (not berectigt, zulässig) (adj.)
der Krampf; -"e
the cramp, spasm, convulsion
sensible, useful, meaningful (not vernünftig)
to cover sth, to cover with sth, to coat with sth (not decken)
die GmbH; -s
the limited liability company
der Weihnachtsbaum; -"e
the Christmas tree
der Apotheker; -
the pharmacist, druggist
irresponsible, reckless (not verantwortungslos) ('u_')
das Billard
the billiards (no plural)
single, unmarried (not einzig, einzeln, alleinstehend) (l)
das Campen (sometimes spelled with a K)
the camping (as an activity) (not Zelten, Camping, Campieren, Lager) (no plural)
die Gleichheit; -en
the equality, sameness (not Gleichberechtigung)