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to roar (engine), to get high (d)
die Reparatur; -en
the repair
die Fremdsprache; -n
the foreign language
die DDR
the initials of the former GDR (German Democratic Republic)
das Pfand; -e
the pledge (security), deposit, collateral, refund on bottle return (not Gutschein)
to define
der Schneesturm; -"e
the snowstorm
die Definition; -en
the definition
der ICE
the InterCity Express (initials)
der Schlafanzug; -"e
the pajamas (S)
der Gutschein; -e
the voucher, coupon, token (not Pfand)
die Serviette; -n
the napkin
to facilitate, ease, relieve
die Sauna; -s
the sauna
to spell