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since then (not seitdem, inzwischen) (s)
der Bräutigam; -e
the bridegroom
das Picknick; -s
the picnic
die Klimaanlage; -n
the air conditioning
die Börse; -n
the stock market (B)
to sweat
to serve (food, sports) (not bedienen, dienen, anbieten) (s)
with care (not meticulous, careful, diligent, ...) (s)
das Kennzeichen; -
the distinguishing mark, the label, license plate number (no plural)
der Russe; -n; -n
the male Russian person (weak noun)
der Fotograf; -en; -en
the photographer (weak)
das Lamm; -"er
the lamb
educated (not ausgebildet)
das Plastik
the plastic (no plural)
die Umwelt; -en
the environment, surroundings, surrounding area (Umfeld, Umgebung, or ...)