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die Burg; -en
the castle ('B_')
der Wohnwagen; -
The RV, Trailer, caravan
der Buchhalter; -
the bookkeeper
in view of, in light of, considering (a)
to be applicable to sth, to be in force (law), to be valid
der Februar
the February
der Dampf; -"e
the steam
der Euro s
the euro (as the number of coins) (an amount has no plural)
purple (not 'v...')
die Garderobe; -n
the wardrobe, cloakroom ('G')
der Italiener; -
the male Italian person
der Schoß; -"e
the lap (of one's legs) (S)
die Schweiz
the Switzerland (no plural)
sich beschweren
to complain (reflexive) (not sich beklagen) (two words)
to distribute, to spread ('verteilen' or ...)