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der Teenager; -
the teenager (not Jugendlicher) (no plural)
die Konkurrenz; -en
the competition (spelling Bee), competitive, rivalry (i.e. a competing business, sports team, etc) ('K')
der Babysitter; -
the babysitter (no plural)
der Maler; -
the painter
die Dose; -n
the can, tin
der Fortschritt; -e
the progress
der Lastwagen; -
the truck, the lorry (not LKW, Lastkraftwagen)
strong (not stark) (k)
der Tango; -s
the tango
to approach or tackle (a problem), address sth, concern sth ('a')
der Löffel; -
the spoon (no plural)
to stare
suitable, convenient, appropriate, properly ('g')
die Schicht; -en
the layer, shift (work shift), stratum (of earth)
maybe, possible (not möglich-, vielleicht) ('e_')