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1921 - 1935

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die Möbel
the furniture (plural only)
die Ente; -n
the duck
to feed (animals or children)
der Weltkrieg; -e
the world war
der Wurm; -"er
the worm
die Mütze; -n
the cap or hat (without a brim), mostly worn for cold, often made/knitted of yarn
to ask, question, interview ('b_')
to brake
der Neffe; -n; -n
the nephew (weak)
mainly ('h_')
das Studium; die Studien
the study, the studies, studying, scholastics
das Produkt; -e
the product
das Eisen
the iron (a type of metal) (not Stahl which is steel) (no plural)
die Bude; -n
the outdoor booth, the stall, the stand, the hut (not der Kiosk)
das Halloween; -s
the Halloween