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1831 - 1845

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die Bevölkerung; -en
the population
die Persönlichkeit; -en
the personality (not Personalität)
der Schneider; -
the tailor
to serve/wait on (guests), to operate (device) (b)
die Villa; die Villen
the villa
to discover, spot, detect
solcher; solches; solche
such (three forms) (s)
to attain, arrive, get to (g~)
das Jubiläum; die Jubiläen
The anniversary, jubilee (not 'Jahrestag')
der Stamm; -"e
the stem, tribe, trunk (tree)
die Ansicht; -en
the opinion, notion, view, belief (not Meinung, Ahnung) (A)
die Tankstelle; -n
the petrol station
die Klage; -n
the action (law), claim (law), complaint (law), legal action, suit ('K_')
der Akt; -e
1. the act (of an opera, etc.) 2. the nude (in art)
der Zahn; -"e
the tooth