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otherwise (not sonst, ander-) (a)
der Saal; die Säle
the hall (big room) (S)
die Strecke; -n
the distance, stretch (S)
revolting (w)
to fish ('a_')
das Gedicht; -e
the poem
das Handtuch; -"er
the towel
der Schriftsteller; -
the writer (Autor, Verfasser, or ...)
das Experiment; -e
the experiment (Versuch, Probe, or ...)
das Zelt; -e
the tent
der Zettel; -
the slip/piece of paper, note, bill (no plural)
das Verständnis; -se
the comprehension, sympathy, understanding (not Verstehen, begreifen)
der Experte; -n; -n
the male expert (weak)
to count, calculate, compute ('r...')