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ingenious, brilliant (not geistricht, geschicht) (g)
die Butter
the butter (no plural)
die Krawatte; -n
the tie ('K_')
das Interview; -s
the interview (not for a job)
to fill
to bring along
der Parkplatz; -"e
the parking space, the parking lot
das Symbol; -e
the symbol
to scare (not schrecken, abschrecken) (e)
die Marke; -n
the brand, label, make, mark (of a product)
cordially, sincere, cordial, heartfelt, warmly, affectionate (h)
der November
the November (no plural)
die Tragödie; -n
the tragedy
der Vergleich; -e
the comparison (not Vergleichung) (V)